Design Rich, Engineering Deep

Sparkfactor Design is a product development consultancy offering product engineering services, product definition, and industrial design. Whether you’d like turn-key new product development or more engineering bandwidth, we have the creativity and expertise to get it done right.

As a team we’re unusually well-qualified in breadth and depth of experience. Which is why some of the most successful product-oriented companies in the world rely on us to contribute to the success of their vision.


Our Method

We excel at new product development, we are your Ace in the hole.

We bring a depth and breadth of experience that is comforting to have access to at a moments notice. Explore our Portfolio and team biographies to see what have been doing.

To help you most effectively Sparkfactor Design has two consulting models tailored to meet your needs

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Sparkfactor Augment

Augment adds horsepower to your engineering team. Our engineers can plug directly into your systems & process.


Sparkfactor Ignite

Ignite is built upon the traditional design consultancy model. We’ll learn about your needs and work with you to develop a product.


Not sure which is best? We can help you pick the model for you.

Our Process

Our process revolves around definition, design, engineering, and manufacturing. “You got your design in my engineering!”

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